Máquinas de dosificación y mezcla automáticas

Our equipments are configured for obtain the maximum performances according to rheology of the different products with her respective hardeners and the application needs of specific applications for each client.
Does-K series, a range of standard models able to solve most of the generic applications in bicomponents adhesives, designed and built in base of the foreground after years of experience providing technical solutions to application process in bicomponent resins and adhesives in different industrial sectors.
The Doss-K series is composed for four models pre-configured technically to different solutions to product/application, are compact equipment to easy mobility and fit both for manual applications and with connection by incorporated preinstallation to robotic applications or in automatic lines.
Tress-K series, is based in the same principles as the Doss-K series, this models allow the dosing and the automatic mixture of a third component as can be typically small proportions to accelerators or colorants in the main mixture.

Características básicas de las series Doss-K y Tress-K

  • Electronic dosing en real time
  • Mixture relation to digitally varying 1:1 to 50:1 and 3k 100:1
  • Deviation alarm to mixture relation ±1%
  • Electronic control to minimum level
  • Control of consumption of products
  • Programmable automatic waiver dose
  • Automatic flushing of mixers without solvents
  • Supply from packaging of supplier
  • Integrated supply pumps
  • Compact equipment portable for manual application.
  • Preinstallation for automatic process lines
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Secure and easy to use