Automatic dosing and mixing machines

Our equipment is configured to obtain maximum performance according to the rheology of the different products with their respective hardeners and the specific application needs of each customer.

Doss-KSeries, a range of standard models capable of solving most generic applications in two-component adhesives, designed and built based on the knowledge acquired after years of experience providing technical solutions to the application processes of resins and two-component adhesives in different industrial sectors.

The Doss-K series, consisting of four technically pre-configured models for different product/application solutions, are compact, easy to move and suitable for manual applications or for connection to robotic applications or automatic lines by means of the built-in pre-installation.

Tress-K series, is based on the same principles as the Doss-K series, these models allow the automatic dosing and mixing of a third component such as usually small proportions of accelerators or dyes to the main mixture.

Basic characteristics of the Doss-K and Tress-K series

  • Real-time electronic dosing
  • Digitally variable mixing ratio 1:1 to 50:1 and 3K 100:1
  • Mixing ratio deviation alarm ±1%.
  • Control of product consumption
  • Programmable automatic dose dispensing
  • Solvent-free automatic mixer cleaning
  • Feeding from supplier packaging
  • Integrated supply pumps
  • Compact portable equipment for manual application
  • Pre-installation for automatic process lines
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Safe and easy to use
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Desarrollo de sistemas de dosificación de fluidos

Sistemas de dosificación

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