Electronic Dosing System for fluids Single component (1K)


Technical characteristics

  • Real Time Electronic Dosing Control.
  • Cumulative Consumption.
  • Automatic Volumetric Flow.
  • Programmable Volumetric Dose
  • Pot life time control with 3 alarms
  • Non-stop Automatic Fluid Top-up
  • Maximum viscosity 1.500.000 cPs.
  • Temperature Control.
  • Minimum Dose of 0.5nl

Process control

  • Programmable Dose Rate Variation Alarm with Optional Shutdown.
  • Pot life time alarm with automatic purge.
  • Ethernet, Profinet (4.0) or Digital communication.
  • Level Alarm
  • Alarm History.


Different applications

We are experts in the design and assembly of fluid dosing systems. We customise our equipment to suit the needs of our customers, always taking into account process optimisation and minimum maintenance.

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Our equipment and systems are configured for the needs of the application and the rheology of the mono-component product, maintaining in all cases its chemical stability inside the application system during the entire original shelf life indicated by the supplier.

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Intec Process

We are experts in the design and assembly of dosing systems for mastic fluids in industrial environments.

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