Coating and Electronic Protection

Encapsulants and Electronic Adhesives

In electronics, potting is the filling of an electronic assembly with a fluid whose function is to protect it from shock, vibration, corrosion, water and moisture.

These encapsulants can be epoxy, polyurethane (PUR) or silicone based depending on the characteristics of the application.
Electronic adhesives have basically the same characteristics as potting fluids, but also allow for bonding.

Encapsulantes y adhesivos electrónicos

What is it used for?

Electronic encapsulation and sealing is particularly present in the Electronics, Automotive, Telecommunications, Defence, Aerospace and Medical sectors.

Protection of Electronic Components exposed to the environment or other aggressive products such as Sensors, Capacitors, Transformers, Chips, Controllers, Electric Motors, etc.

Coating of Fragile Materials.
Heat Dissipation
Protect the Circuit itself in the manufacturing process.
Provide greater mechanical strength to the Components
Shock and Vibration Protection
Component Electrical Isolation
Aesthetic concealment of components
HVAC systems
ECU (Electronic Control Unit) protection


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