Our equipments and systems are configured for the needs of the application and the rheology of the mono component product, keeping in all the cases her chemical stability inside the application system, during all the original caducity period indicated for the provider.

Volumetric pumps for the pneumatic actuation

Designed for the supply or transfer for liquid products or semiliquids of low or medium viscosity.
Membrane pumps of pressure ratios 1:1 and 5:1
Piston pumps of pressure ratios 5:1 and 72:1

Complete sets of pump + cover + agitator + lift

Supply group of liquid products, allowing easy manipulation of packaging and keeping the product in perfect condition maintaining its life.
Compact Design of the lift column allowing adjustment of different heights of packaging and incorporates internally the systems of automatic stop of security of the agitator, the set is mounted on a metal grating structure in the soil and dispose a lower tray collects spills.

Volumetric pumps of pneumatic actuation with press plate

Designed specifically for the supply or transfer of semiliquid products of high viscosity or high thixotropic. This machines extracted the product that is not able to flow by itself, directly for the packaging supplier, through the press plate that fits the diameter of the original packaging
Pumps of press plate for packaging of 200L with pressure ratios 30:1 to 72:1
Pumps of press plate for packaging of 25/50L with pressure ratios 30:1 to 72:1
Press plate pumps for packaging of 200L with heating for high viscosity

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