Waste Reduction

Environmental management and the importance of cleaner production are concepts that have strongly penetrated the entire industrial sector. To the extent that companies in the sector have made their production activity a socially responsible process, in which, among other aspects, they control their impact on the environment, the results have been reflected in various multiplicative effects ranging from an improvement in the perception of the company to a real increase in productivity. At Intec Process, aware of the interest of companies in the sector and the growing environmental demands, we design our equipment and installations from the principle of “zero waste”, we have devised the technology SF2K, which allows us to easily quantify real productivity gains and cost reductions while being cleaner and less aggressive towards the environment. This system eliminates the cleaning solvent from our electronic dosing and mixing systems and reduces the volume of waste by up to 80% while reducing the time for automatic colour changes and final cleanings by the same amount.

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Desarrollo de sistemas de dosificación de fluidos

Sistemas de dosificación

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