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Solar Panels

in the Gobi Desert, China with temperature variations between 40°C and +45°C.

The situation

The objective was to install 2K resin dosing systems for installing solar panel mirrors at a plant in the Gobi Desert (China) for bonding the anchor pad to the mirror and the subsequent attachment of the mirror to the main structure using more than 300 doses of 2K resin in 15 minutes.

The plant is located far from any population centre with extreme temperature variations of between -40ºC and +45ºC, so the reliability and robustness of the system in any situation is key. In addition to the above, the dimensions required the system to be able to dose at a distance of 60 metres from the fluid supply drums.

The problem

The solution

The result


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Our equipment and systems are configured for the needs of the application and the rheology of the single and two-component product, maintaining in all cases its chemical stability inside the application system, throughout the original shelf life indicated by the supplier.

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