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The Sagrada Familia

The challenge of dosing Corundum (Hardness 9/10)... and the team survives.

The situation

In the innovative technique of the tensioned stone, a structure with which we are also building the towers of the Sagrada Família, a third element comes into play in addition to the stone and the duplex stainless steel, an element of lesser presence, but basic in its conception: the resin. It functions as a connecting element between the metal elements (i.e. the stressing heads) and the structural stone itself.

2 Two-component resin

The resin we use in the Sagrada Família is bi-component, which gives it greater structural performance than single-component resins. In these resins, component A functions as the main molecule of the adhesive polymer. The second component, B, functions as a catalyst, i.e. it facilitates the generation of polymer molecular chains (polymerisation).

Furthermore, in the case of epoxy resins, polymerisation is carried out by polyaddition, which means that the mixture of components A and B must be exact.

As far as the injection moulding machine was concerned, it was necessary for it to meet certain minimum characteristics, which conditioned the choice of the manufacturer. These features include the need to measure and control the injected volume of the two resin components, as well as the injection temperature of the resin, which is why we needed heated hoses. A continuousinjection system and drum volume control were also required. Finally, the machine had to be resistant to the abrasive loads of the resin additives and the supplier had to guarantee the replacement of parts for its correct operation.

The problem

The solution

The result


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Our equipment and systems are configured for the needs of the application and the rheology of the single and two-component product, maintaining in all cases its chemical stability inside the application system, throughout the original shelf life indicated by the supplier.

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