The work team of Intec Process, we welcome you to our website, and from here we are at your disposal for all types of queries that you want to make. We thank you in advance for the trust placed in our company. Intec Process is a company specialized in the design and configuration of equipment and systems for the application of polyurethane, epoxy, silicone resins and other types of mastics and adhesives 1K or 2K, for manual or automated industrial processes, whose philosophy is based on the Quality and customer service, with immediate response time. We offer our customers new technologies in automatic application systems and mixing dosing for 2 component products, completely safe and reliable. Intec Process has extensive experience in the development of applications in sectors where gluing, sealing, encapsulation, joints, reinforcements, etc ... are required in general dosing and application of 1K or 2K resins in industrial processes. The scope of action is broad, since these products are used in various industrial sectors.

Intec Process brings solutions to its customers